A Bad Bit!


This is a stainless steel, three loop Butterfly cheek driving bit with a bronze 5 1/2 inch mouthpiece with a low port.

It was used about a total of 12 times on a 1200 Lb Haflinger-Percheron cross. Manufacturer unknown, however suspect it was Asian made.

The cheek on one side broke simply while putting the bridle on the horse! It appears that the steel had been broken some time ago. Using a strong magnifying glass, the fracture looked dull and full of metal dust. It was not bright and crisp looking like a fresh break would have been.

On the outside, this appears to be a well made, substantial bit but as you can see, the stainless steel had to be formed rather thin to accommodate the end of mouthpiece. In the spot where the break occurred, the steel is less than the thickness of a standard wooden pencil.

Thankfully this break did not occur while driving!


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