Green Meads Farm
Richmond, Massachusetts

Horses in Training

Frederique - Morgan gelding owned by Jeff Morse

AMZ Raphael - Morgan gelding, owned by Jeff Morse

Equinox Shangrila - Morgan mare owned by Alan, Cindy and Katie Mayer

Harvest Lucy In The Sky - Morgan mare owned by Sue White

Agnes De Mule - Mammoth mule owned by Kathleen Conklin
Green Meads Galen - Morgan mare owned by Lyn Howard
SBS Risky Business - Morgan gelding owned by Jeff Morse

SAS Winds of Eternity - Morgan gelding owne by Cindy Tirell and Tim Gabel

Baxter - Owned by Bill and Nancy Lawson

Kat - Owned by Charlie and Donna Dolben

Ewan - Morgan gelding owned by Gail and Lawrence Williamson


These horses have received some of their education from
Jeff Morse at Green Meads Farm

Warlock's Stradivari - Owned by Jen and Jeff Morse

Randalane Fusion - Morgan gelding owned by Fayth Preis

Ransomvale Gabriel - Black Morgan Stallion {deceased 2011} owned by Jeff Morse

Sheradin's Lyric - Morgan Mare previously owned by Gina Handy

John Henry - 1992 -2011 Mammoth mule owned by Kathleen Conklin

Alex - Friesian owned by Anne Willy

Baden - {deceased 2011} Polish Warmblood owned by Jef Morse

Bellero - Lippizaner gelding owned by Cornelia Hamilton

Colton - Welsh Cob owned by Barbara Akers

Shalako - Morgan gelding owned by Lyn Howard

Victory's After Dark - Morgan mare owned by Cheryl Jones

Marle Hill Concert Master - Morgan gelding owned by Lisa and David Herrick

Abe - Baskir Curly gelding owned by Mary Oates

Jazmin - Thorobred mare owned by Meghan Licatta

Menomin Watch This - Morgan mare owned by Lauren Reece

Pumpkin - Lippizzaner mare owned by Cornelia Hamilton

Equinox Beau Geste -  Morgan gelding owned by Cicily Hajek

Qunicy - Dales gelding owned by Harriet Grannick

Hatcreek Woody Allen - Morgan gelding owned by Nancy Creswell & John Ostrum

Cooper - Gelding owned by Lisa Cenis

 Midnight - Standardbred gelding owned by Corrine Birkholz

Sebastian - Friesien x Paint Gelding owned by Donna Dolben

Revel's Run Yankee Spirit - owned byTimmi Pierce

Green Bay Captain Charlie - Morgan gelding owned by Laurie Larkin

UVM Merrily - Morgan mare owned by Phil Sedgwick

Rawleigh - Warmblood gelding onwed by Sue White

RD - Welsh gelding onwed by Martha MacDonald

Meadowsong Decidedleigh - Morgan mare owned by Mary Jane Nau

Cora - Morgan mare owned by Lorin Nauman

Solemn Promise - Morgan gelding

Nicholas - Pony  owned by Carol Mazurek

Tuesday - Draft Cross owned by Valerie Fredrick

UVM Juno - Morgan mare owned by Phil Sedgewick

Jasper - owned by Rikke Borge

Buddy - Paint gelding pony owned by Shanna Sullivan

Regal - Fell Pony gelding owne by Bruce and Olga Hausser 

Aker's Amber Ale - Welsh Pony owned by Barbara Akers

Tangwyllt Rose Petal - Welsh pony mare owned by Marcia Brown

Coakley Farms JS Mosby - Morgan gelding owned by Kathy Malinowski

Absolute Zoom - Morgan mare  owed by Janet Kennedy Yager

Sir Lancelot - Welsh cob owned by Martha MacDonald

UC Madison - Morgan Mare owned by Kelly and Ray Cassella

Diva - Morgan mare owned by Judy Lynch

Maine Event Minstrel - Morgan gelding owned by Ed Kueppers

Lucy - Morgan cross owned by Jody Pemble

Avalanche - Arab Gelding owned by Marion Hardy

Justice - Morgan gelding owend by Nancy Paradysz

UC Rianna - Morgan mare owned by Victoria Surr, leased by Jeff Morse

Reverie's I'm Tops - Morgan Gelding owned by Jeff Morse

Quietude Winterset - Morgan gelding owned by Linda Keach

Apollo - Morgan Gelding owned by Sallyann Gerelli

Telishan Santiam - Morgan Gelding owned by Gail and Laurence Williamson

Sky Farm Mae Star - Morgan mare owned by Christina Alsop

Harwinton Daisy Davis- Morgan Mare owned by Fayth Preis

Heaven's Gate Sovereign - Morgan gelding owned by Linda Roth

CJS Cinergi - Morgan mare owned by Cindy Fischer Shepherd

Blue - Haflinger mare owned by George and Heidi King

Fantasia -  Tennessee Walking Horse mare owned by Kritin Nevelle

Kohl - Pecheron/Haflinger cross gelding owned by Suzy Kucinski

MS Trophy Time - Morgan mare owned by Suzy Kucinski

UVM Grayson - Morgan gelding owned by Judith Shaw

Whippoorwill Keep Dancing- Morgan gelding, now owned by Bob Koopman

Black Tie - Morgan gelding owned by Ken and Sandi Messner

Equinox Isabelle - Morgan mare owned by Cynthia Larsen

Bitsy - Connemara Thoroughbred mare owned by Lousia Emerick

Fletcher Phoenix - Morgan Gelding owned by Reggie Wenzek

Meadowmere Courelation - Morgan gelding owned by Rick and Dee Loveless

Red - National Show Horse gelding owned by Cheryl Jones

Sandman - Arabian Gelding owned by Cheryl Jones

Sosegado - Andalusian gelding owned by Sally Ann Gerelli

Sleigh Bells - Welsh/Haflinger Cross owned by Mary McDonough

Solgard - Fjord mare owned by Tracey Turner

Jared - Standardbred gelding owned by Dorothy McDivett

Rum Brook Gallant Rhythm - Morgan gelding owe nd by Liz and David Herrick

South Bay Title Wave - Morgan mare owned by Joanne Doucette

RGR Star Trek Magic - Morgan gelding owned by Jeff morse

Hartland Sable - Morgan mare owned by Gail & Laurence Williamson

Gaitwood Garmisch -  Morgan gelding - owned by Jeff Morse

Questfound Oceania-  Morgan gelding - Retired - owned by Jeff Morse

Hatcreek Woody Allen - Morgan gelding owned by Jeff Reardon

Simon - owned by Linda Corey

Rodeo - QH pony gelding owned by Mary Armstrong and Kathy Kuenert

Irish Jig - Morgan gelding owned by Jennifer Koppy

Sassy - QH/Arab owned by Harold Bean and Dorothy McDivett

Equinox Reverence - Morgan gelding owned by Judith Shaw

Silent Reign - Owned by Gale Hepfinger

Lexington - Arab gelding owned by Linda Roth and David Trubey

Sierra - Haflinger mare owned by Don Sommer

Brick House - Welsh pony mare owned by Marcia Brown

UVM Grace - Morgan mare owned by Phil Sedgewick
Wachusett Hunter Allen - Morgan gelding owned by Linda Reynolds
Squire - Morgan/Percheron cross owned by Newt Brosius
Tiggy - Morgan mare owned by Margot Apple
Nomo - Halfinger gelding owned by Ann Miles
Buffalo Gal - Morgan mare owned by Margaret Schnall
Sally Hall - 1994 Morgan mare owned by Dr. Brad Hall
Stormcrest Orion-  Morgan gelding owned by Cathy Book
Aura Dell Supreme -  Morgan gelding imported from Australia, owned by Judith Shaw
Green River Promise- 1990  Morgan gelding owned by Judith Shaw
Rocket- Morgan gelding owned by Mary & Harbig Garbedian
Beta B Rosalee - 1994 Morgan mare owned by Joan Kueppers
Broadwall Parallel - Morgan Mare owned by Sandy Wise
Take A Peak At Me - 1995 Appaloosa mare owned by Laurie Neely
Hobby Horse New Year - aka "Ted" Welsh Cob gelding owned by Susanne Babcock
Kendal's Case In Point - Morgan gelding owned by Jeff Reardon
Phantom - Hackney Horse gelding owned by Karen Nowak
Max - Welsh pony gelding owned by Marcia Brown
Southerly Miranda - Morgan mare
Oak Knoll Army Brat - Morgan mare owned by Bill Cote and Family

Whippoorwill Aristocrat - bred by Mary Jean Vasilloff


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