Langwater King of the Meads 196128

 Guernsey Bull

Photo: Harry Strohmeyer ~ June 14, 1935

Born March 19, 1931

Sire: Langwater Pharaoh

Dam: Langwater Queen of the Meadow

King of the Meads was the foundation bull for Darwin Morse's prize Guernsey herd from the 1930's through the 1950's. He was produced from stock of the US premier Guernsey cow producer, Frederick Lothrop Ames (1876-1921) at his Langwater Farm, Easton, MA.

Mr. Ames was also famous for breeding Clydesdale horses.

" {Harry} Strohmeyer and Carpenter, recognized as the foremost photographers of livestock in the
United States and Canada, have played an important part in the advancement and improvement
of the dairy industry. Recently, in honoring Mr. Strohmeyer, The Ayrshire Digest stated :
"Accurate, uniformly posed, and unretouched photographs of successive generations of
dairy cattle are a primary aid in noting progress through breeding and identifying
features which have proven common in animals of high production. Through the use of such
photographs, breeders have been able to formulate ideals of dairy cattle type and more
successfully achieve those ideals through selection of breeding stock."
~ Journal of Dairy Science


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